American Culture Studies

Interdisciplinary Program
Bachelor of Arts
College of Arts and Sciences
School of Cultural and Critical Studies

An interdisciplinary program dedicated to the holistic study of American culture, society and institutions, American Culture Studies offers students an individual tailored program that focuses on the American experience. Courses help students to develop the skills appropriate for the study and appreciation of American culture in all its diversity. The program enables students to integrate the substance of other disciplines into coherent patterns reflecting the complexity of American life and out national heritage. The goal of BGSU’s American culture studies program is to help students understand and appreciate the interrelationship of all aspects of American culture.

Career Opportunities

American Culture Studies graduates find a variety of fields and employment venues that rely upon knowledge of American culture as well as the analytical and communication skills that our program helps students to develop. American culture studies graduates find employment in the interrelated fields of journalism, editing, publishing and public relations. They are attractive candidates for jobs in non-profit and community service organizations, government agencies (at the national, state and local levels), libraries and historical and cultural museums. As part of their studies, our students develop skills that are useful in such fields as urban and regional planning, environmental analysis, cultural and historical preservation, and archival management.

For students considering careers in law, business, ministry or other related fields, American Culture Studies offers a broad interdisciplinary background supplemented by specialized courses to enhance entry into these fields. Students planning on graduate studies will find American Culture Studies to provide preparation for entry into graduate programs in American studies, literature, history, anthropology, folklore, art history, women’s studies, ethnic studies, cultural studies and other oriented courses of study.


The American Culture Studies major requires a minimum of 33 credit hours, consisting of two electives and nine foundational and core courses:
Introduction to American Cultural Studies; an American Cultural Diversity class; Early America; Modern America; an American literature course; Intersection of Race, Gender, and Cultural; Gender, Race, and Culture in Community-Based Practice; Qualitative Research Methods; and the Capstone Seminar.


The American Culture Studies minor requires a minimum of 21 hours consisting of two electives and five core courses: Introduction to American Culture Studies; an American Cultural Diversity class; Early America; Modern America; and an American literature course.


Issues in American Civilization
Indigenous Cultures of North America
American Environmental History
Rock Music Subcultures
Comics, Superheros, and Culture
Representations of Muslim Women
Animation in Film and TV
Art, Material Culture, and Historical Dress
Feminism, Technology, and American Culture
Social Media/Global Cultures

Special Features

Students in American Cultural Studies take four of their required courses with other students from the units in the School of Cultural and Critical Studies which includes Ethnic Studies, Popular Culture, and Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies. These interdisciplinary courses are designed to bring together the diverse knowledge and skills our majors have gathered and prepare them for life after BGSU. In these courses, students will learn cultural studies theories and research methods, create their own research project, and engage in service-learning. Internships are also strongly encouraged. The School of Cultural and Critical Studies Advisor works with student to identify an internship site and supervisor, and establish a work schedule. The Advisor approves internship plans and evaluates the student’s internship paper or report. American Culture Studies students ofter pursue internships at area museums, magazines and journals, non-profit organization and other institutions. In cooperation with the Institute for the Study of Cultural and Society, the American Culture Studies program brings a number of nationally prominent speakers to campus each year and sponsors national regional conferences, all of which are open and available to our students.

Preparation for College

Completing the requirements for high school graduation is necessary for admission to BGSU, but only finishing the minimum coursework will leave you unprepared for college. Consider taking four years of mathematics instead of the three that are required. Two, three or even four years of the same foreign language is excellent for preparation for college. You will also benefit from competency in computer use. Courses that provide exposure to or training in the visual and performing arts are excellent choices.

High school coursework in English, history, social science, and the arts are especially relevant in preparation for majoring in American Culture Studies at BGSU.

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