Film Production

Bachelor of Arts in Film Production
Department of Theatre and Film
College of Arts and Sciences

BGSU’s multifaceted film program, first established in the 1970s, is now one of the most comprehensive in the country. Its extensive production opportunities, nationally recognized faculty, and engaged student cohorts make it possible for emerging filmmakers to develop the knowledge and skills they need to have satisfying and productive careers. Film Production majors create professional-level portfolios through coursework, individual projects, off-campus internships, and participation in faculty-supervised, department-sponsored productions.

Career Opportunities

The Film Production major prepares students for careers as writers, producers, directors, cinematographers, editors, assistant directors, sound designers, and other professional roles. Some graduates move directly into industry positions; others gain additional experience and enhance their networking connections through participation in MFA programs in producing, screenwriting, or production. Film Production majors have been accepted into prestigious graduate schools and competitive professional programs. They work in film and television, and have started their own production companies in the Midwest, New York, and Los Angeles.

Admission Requirement

To be admitted to the Film Production major, first-year students must have a high school GPA of 3.25, a combined ACT score of 22, or a combined SAT score of 1100. First-year students who are admitted to BGSU but do not meet these qualifications are automatically placed in the Film Studies major. Transfer and current BGSU students interested in the Film Production major may apply if they have a GPA of 3.0 after 30 or more hours of college credit.


Film Production majors gain experience in preproduction, film and digital production, digital post production, marketing, and distribution. They develop the toolkit and vision to work both above-the-line (as producers, directors) and below-the-line (as gaffers, script supervisors, etc.).

The Film Production major has several components: foundational classes that connect film history, theory, and practice; sequenced production courses; portfolio development workshops; and production experience in professional settings. Together, these elements develop students’ understanding of cinema, offer a behind-the-scenes view of independent and mainstream media, and lead to digital portfolios suitable for graduate schools and prospective employers. The major includes electives in departments across campus, but as a whole it is unique and distinct from Digital Arts (animation and video games), Telecommunications (radio and TV broadcasting), and Visual Communication Technology (advertising and corporate multimedia). Film Production students select a minor that supports their career goals and creative interests.

Foundational courses include: Introduction to Film, Script Analysis, Film History, and Applied Aesthetics for the Moving Image. Production courses include: Cinematography, Screenwriting, Directing, Sync Sound Production, and Editing, Image, and Sound.


Film Production majors enjoy the benefits of having the Wolfe Center for the Arts as their home base. This remarkable new facility has state-of-the-art digital labs, studio spaces, and post-production facilities. The Film Lab includes demonstration and equipment checkout spaces. Faculty mentoring and wide-ranging production experiences make it possible for students to become proficient in using high-definition and 16mm cameras, industry-standard lighting and grip equipment, professional mics and recorders, and post-production editing and sound design systems.

Special Opportunities

Through participation in faculty-led productions, students get concrete experience in studio and location production, gaining knowledge in mechanical and special effects, scene design, set construction, lighting design, assistant directing, production management, and more. Internships provide opportunities for students to learn how to work effectively in professional situations. WBGU, our nationally-recognized PBS affiliate, offers a range of internship opportunities; outstanding students have the chance to acquire substantial credentials by working on national programming created by WBGU. Film Production majors also receive professional mentoring during their individual meetings with the filmmakers who review their senior portfolios.

Student Employment and Scholarships

The Theatre and Film Department offers several student employment opportunities in theatre and film production to qualified undergraduates. These positions are hired on a competitive basis, with students submitting applications, letters of recommendation and completing an audition or interview. Students interested in obtaining an application packet should contact the Theatre and Film Department office, 212 Wolfe Center for the Arts.

Exceptional students are selected to receive annual awards; these include the Edgar Fisher Daniels Prize, and the Dorothy and Lillian Gish Scholarship.

Study Abroad

Film Production majors can participate in the special exchange program that has been established between the Department of Theatre and Film at BGSU, and the Department of Theatre, Film, and Television at the University of Wales. Students accepted into the program spend a semester or a year at the University of Wales in Aberystwyth; its Department of Theatre, Film, and Television Studies is one of the most respected film and media programs in the United Kingdom.

Student Organization

The collaborative student organizations UFO (University Film Organization) and BG Reel are a remarkable resource for anyone interested in cinema. UFO/BG Reel hold joint weekly meetings that provide information about a range of topics. They coordinate several 48 Hour Film competitions each year; screenings of the completed projects are now important campus events. Every spring, UFO/BG Reel also organize the Film and Media Festival, a venue where student films in various categories (comedy, drama, experimental, documentary) are screened for campus audiences and industry professionals, who serve as judges. UFO/BG Reel members work on student projects; they organize workshops and field trips to festivals and production facilities in the area.

Campus Film Series

The Department of Theatre and Film sponsors Tuesdays at the Gish, a fall and spring film series curated and hosted by graduate and undergraduate students. These screenings feature cult classics and independent films. BGSU is also home to the International Film Series, which takes place fall and spring in the Gish Film Theater on Thursday evenings. The Sunday Matinee series, which screens silent and classic films on Sunday afternoons, also takes place fall and spring.

Preparation for College

Preparation in history, the sciences, mathematics and foreign language will help students meet University requirements. Experience in film or media production is useful but not essential. However, students must have developed good writing and communication skills; they should also acquire knowledge about film and media from different time periods and different countries.

Completing high school graduation requirements is necessary for admission to BGSU, but finishing only the minimum coursework will leave you unprepared for college. Four years of mathematics is the best preparation. Also, if not available at your high school, locate ways to take four years of the same foreign language. You will benefit from competency in computer use. Courses that provide exposure to the visual and performing arts are also excellent choices.

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