Nutrition Science

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Sciences
College of Health and Human Services

Nutrition sciences in the College of Health and Human Services is a science-oriented degree program that emphasizes the intensive study of physical and biological sciences.

Career Opportunities

Students who complete the bachelor of science in nutrition sciences degree program will be prepared for the following:


Core course requirements in nutrition sciences feature human nutrition and food science. Supporting discipline courses highlight biology, biochemistry, chemistry, microbiology, statistics, mathematics, physics and physiology.

The Nutrition Science degree program is designed to be completed in nine semesters.

Students interested in graduate school or research careers may choose both dietetics and nutrition sciences.

Special Features

Students in nutrition sciences have many opportunities to gain experience with laboratory instrumentation and to develop research skills in a variety of laboratory settings. Students often assist faculty with research in areas, such as food safety, body composition and health, and sensory science, and are included in presentations of the research findings at national professional meetings. These experiences are invaluable when nutrition science students apply for post-graduate education and their first professional jobs.

Preparation for College

Students in nutrition sciences should have a strong preparation in English composition, mathematics, biology and chemistry. Additional coursework in science and math are strongly encouraged.

Completing the requirements for high school graduation is necessary for admission to BGSU, but only finishing the minimum coursework will leave you unprepared for college. Consider taking four years of mathematics instead of the three that are required. Two, three or even four years of the same foreign language is excellent for preparation for college. You will also benefit from competency in computer use. Courses that provide exposure to or training in the visual and performing arts are excellent choices.

For Further Information

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