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Psychology, the study of mental processes and behavior, is a broad and continually growing field of study. Though many students who pursue psychology are interested in becoming counselors or psychotherapists as a way to help people with their behavioral or emotional problems, the field of psychology is broad enough to encompass other interests. Indeed, much of psychology involves the application of the scientific method to questions about how the brain works, how people learn and remember, or how businesses select good employees.

Career Opportunities

To work as a psychologist, a graduate degree is necessary. Psychology graduate programs typically accept students who have majored in psychology, but they also accept students with a degree in a different area. In addition, many students who majored in psychology pursue advanced degrees in other professions such as law, social work, business, education, health care or medicine.

Those who do not go on to graduate school are successful in finding jobs in a variety of areas. Some work in health care settings, schools or social agencies, while others pursue government careers in one of three general areas: research, personnel or management. At the federal level alone there are more than 50 departments or agencies that hire people with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, including the Bureau of the Census, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Other graduates enter occupations in which they apply statistical skills and experimental design skills acquired in BGSU’s psychology program. Several recent graduates are employed by large corporations as data analysts where they collect, analyze and interpret information that the company needs for efficient operation.


The particular courses students take depend on his or her specific career and life objectives. Students may pursue a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, or may pursue an individualized program within the guidelines set by the department and college.

All psychology majors receive a solid foundation that can be applied to a variety of areas, and all students take some statistics, research methods and laboratory courses in psychology. After fulfilling the basic course requirements, students may choose from a broad range of courses in psychology, including Abnormal Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Perception, Behavioral Neuroscience, Brain Mechanisms of Behavior, Psychology of Language, Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Developmental Psychology and others.

Special Features

The Department of Psychology is a large, active center for research in many areas. The department includes nearly 30 full-time faculty members, all with the Ph.D. degree. The department is located in its own five-story building which contains classrooms, offices, laboratories, clinic facilities and computer laboratory.

Undergraduate students are encouraged to pursue individual research projects in psychology, or to work with faculty members on existing research projects. Internships are not required, but they are available.

Each year several undergraduate students are chosen to receive assistantships. These provide a cash stipend for the student to conduct individual study and research. Students are also eligible to receive an award for demonstrating the highest level of proficiency on a test of statistics and research design.

According to a study reported in American Psychologist, BGSU has one of Ohio’s most active psychology research programs. This is significant because it provides opportunities to learn about research first hand, guarantees that what is learned in classes about psychology is up to date, and provides the kinds of research opportunities that students need to be admitted to graduate school. Some current projects deal with evolutionary bases of social behavior, statistical measurement theory, social reasoning, casual reasoning, mental imagery, personality measurement, neural bases of emotion and cognition, clinical psychophysiology, alcohol problems, stress and coping, community psychology, work motivation, organizational decision-making, rhythm perception and sentence processing.

Psychology majors can also can take advantage of an active program of guest speakers and conferences. There are social events each semester sponsored by the local chapter of Psi Chi, the national honorary society in psychology. In addition, Psi Chi has regular meetings to discuss career opportunities, new frontiers in psychology, graduate programs and other topics of interest.

Over the years, the department has received a variety of awards from the Ohio Board of Regent, including a Program Excellence award for the undergraduate program.

Preparation for College

Students need not have any behavioral science courses (psychology, sociology, etc.) at the high school level.

Completing the minimum requirements for high school graduation is a necessary prerequisite for admission to BGSU. However, a high school student who only completes the minimum requirements will be unprepared for college. Students should consider taking four years of high school mathematics instead of the three years that are required. Two, three or even four years of the same foreign language is excellent for preparation for college. Students will also benefit from competency in computer use. Courses that provide exposure to or training in the visual and performing arts are excellent choices.

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