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Spanish is one of the major languages of the world and also the language of the fastest growing minority within the United States. The Hispanic world has a long and rich tradition, and it will continue to be important socially and economically on both a national and international scale.

Career Opportunities

Employers are increasingly looking for job candidates with the ability to communicate with Spanish speakers. BGSU offers its Spanish majors the chance to develop linguistic and cultural competencies for interacting effectively with others in Spanish. Graduates are finding numerous opportunities for careers in government agencies, non-governmental organizations, health and social service professions, international relations, diplomacy and business.

Another common career opportunity for students majoring in Spanish is the teaching profession, and BGSU offers preparation for teaching Spanish at all grade levels. For more information about becoming a teacher, consult the School of Teaching and Learning in the College of Education and Human Development.


Before students begin a major in Spanish, they must first complete the elementary and intermediate Spanish courses, which are equivalent to four years of high school Spanish. One year of high school is generally considered equivalent to one semester of college Spanish.

All students majoring in Spanish follow programs emphasizing conversation, composition, civilization of the Spanish-speaking world, literature, linguistics and film studies.

In consultation with their undergraduate advisor, students may choose to focus in an area of Spanish: Basic Spanish or Latin American Culture Studies.

Students who wish to teach Spanish should follow a program offered by the College of Education and Human Development which leads to a bachelor’s degree in education. This program includes professional education courses, field and clinical experiences and supervised student teaching, leading to certification from kindergarten through 12th grade.

All programs in Spanish require the completion of general education courses which cover such areas as natural science, social and behavioral sciences, world languages and cultures, humanities and arts, and cultural diversity in the United States.

Special Features

A special feature of the Spanish program is the highly regarded semester, summer or year-long program in Alcalá de Henares, Spain. The program is one of the oldest U.S. study abroad programs in Spain, and because of our extensive commitments and contacts, remains one of the most affordable. The Spanish program offers a short-term study abroad opportunity to Mexico. Students benefit both linguistically and culturally from these experiences, and Spanish majors/minors are strongly encouraged to study abroad.

For opportunities to speak Spanish on campus, students can take advantage of conversational, cultural and social events organized by the Spanish Club, La Communidad (a Spanish-language living and learning community located in Conklin) and Sigma Delta Pi, the Spanish honor society.

Preparation for College

Students should study as much Spanish as possible while in high school. Those who come to BGSU with four or more years of language in high school can usually move directly into the major. Students who have fewer years will need to take one or two courses at BGSU to complete the prerequisites.

Completing the requirements for high school graduation is necessary for admission to BGSU, but only finishing the minimum coursework will leave you unprepared for college. Consider taking four years of mathematics instead of the three that are required. Two, three or even four years of the same foreign language is excellent preparation for college. You will also benefit from competency in computer use. Courses that provide exposure to or training in the visual and performing arts are excellent choices.

Students wishing to obtain a double major and study abroad can do so within four years by judiciously selecting their courses during the first, third and fourth years.

Latin American Culture Studies Specialization

The Latin American Culture Studies specialization offers an interdisciplinary planned curriculum of studies on Latin America through the following courses:

Students choosing the Latin American Culture Studies emphasis must fulfill the Spanish language requirement by completing Spanish at the 351 level or demonstrating competency in the Spanish language.

Teacher Education Report Card

Bowling Green State University’s 701 teacher education graduates who took the national Praxis II licensing exam in 2004-05 passed at an overall rate of 88 percent (surpassing the state requirement of 80 percent) and met or exceeded the state requirement for licensure in 13 content or teaching specialty areas.

For individuals identifying themselves as BGSU graduates the pass rate on Praxis III, the professional teacher licensure test, was 99 percent.

For detailed information on BGSU students’ pass rates on the national licensing exam, visit the College of Education and Human Development’s website at

BGSU’s teacher education programs are fully accredited at all levels by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

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