Deciding on a major

The journey to self-discovery begins with a single step.

Each year approximately 1,000 new freshmen enroll at BGSU undecided about their academic major. Additionally, 60-80 percent of students who arrive on campus with a declared major change that major at least one time.

You needn’t wait to enroll until you decide on a course of study. BGSU offers a number of options for students who wish to explore various programs before choosing a major. Keep in mind, however, that some programs are highly specialized and require immediate enrollment in certain sequences of courses. These courses usually apply to all degree programs and unless started in the first semester could delay graduation in the traditional four-year period. If you’re considering a specific area of study let your advisor know during orientation and registration so you can select the appropriate courses.

Discover. Sample. Decide!

BGSU recognizes that many students want to explore a variety of academic programs before deciding on one. The Office of Pre-Major Advising ( can guide you through that process. Pre-major advisors will help you select classes that expose you to new areas of study, determine your strengths and weaknesses and meet University requirements. Advisors also can assist you in locating appropriate resources in areas that may be of interest.

Inspired to achieve.

Some students know they want to enter a particular college but are undecided in a major. For you, there’s individual college advising. Whether you’re mapping out a career in the social sciences or deciding between elementary or secondary education, college advisors guide along the path to success.

College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences features academic disciplines traditionally identified as the liberal arts-communication, science and mathematics, social and behavioral sciences and the arts and humanities. You can enroll as an undecided major and receive advising about any area within the college. Advisors help you identify your interest and choose a major that complements those interests. Career exploration is encouraged. Many opportunities for internships, cooperative education assignments and campus employment are available.

College of Business Administration

The College of Business Administration offers a variety of specialization areas. After meeting entrance requirements into the College of Business Administration, students begin as pre-business majors. If you’re a freshman who is undecided about a specialization, you can enter the college as undecided in business. In addition to individual academic advising, all students complete a survey course that includes an overview of the college and provides introduction to the functional areas and environments of business and to careers in business.

College of Education and Human Development

Students trying to decide on majors in education, human movement science, sport, tourism and leisure studies, or family and consumer sciences in the College of Education and Human Development are encouraged to enroll as undecided majors. College advisors help you select courses that are applicable to your area of interest. You can also enroll in one of the Exploring the Profession courses, as an introduction to the teaching and human development professions. Career exploration at the Career Center is encouraged for all students. BGSU’s teacher education programs are fully accredited at all levels by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). Other programs are accredited by the appropriate accrediting agency.

College of Health and Human Services

Maybe you know you want to assist people in a health or human area but are uncertain which major is best for you. You should enter the College of Health and Human Services as undecided, and then explore the various majors. The majors in the college are similar enough in the first year requirements that a student working closely with an advisor can be completing requirements for several majors while they make up their minds. If you’re interested in a health career, you may want to consider living in the Health Sciences Residential Community ( This unique residence hall provides significant academic support and allows students who have common interests and goals to live together.

College of Musical Arts

The College of Musical Arts prepares professionals for state and national leadership roles in teaching, research and creativity in all of the musical arts. The College offers the bachelor of music degree with six majors and specializations and the bachelor of musical arts degree. Students are required to pass an entrance audition in their primary performance area prior to registration as a music major. To schedule an audition, please visit

College of Technology

Students in the College of Technology acquire the competencies, attitudes and understandings to function as qualified professionals in business, industry, government and education. The faculty encourages students to enroll with a career choice in mind, but it is possible to enter the college as an undecided major. Many entry-level courses can be applied to a variety of majors. This allows you the opportunity to explore while still making progress toward a degree. All students in technology participate in required cooperative education experiences, which help students clarify their career goals.

Programs for undecided students

Most academic programs at BGSU include at least one year of general education courses. These courses help you develop and improve communication and critical thinking skills that are important for the remainder of your undergraduate career and later employment. This first year of coursework also provides time for students to find out more about themselves and the many different majors available.

A typical first-year program for a student unsure about a college could include the following courses. The numbers in parentheses indicate credit hours.

First semester

Second semester

What do I want to be when I graduate?

Picking a major doesn’t always mean you’ve chosen a career path. Many of today’s career fields don’t require a specific major and people with specific majors don’t have to use them in traditional ways. The Career Center ( offers resources for career exploration, including

You are encouraged to meet with your advisor before registering for classes each semester so that you can choose courses that best meet your needs.

Be sure to take advantage of all the resources available to you at BGSU.

You will learn more about yourself and have the background you need to make an informed decision about your major and career. Many knowledgeable people are waiting to assist you in this process. Please let us know how we can help.

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